CALL for Video art - Moving Images for Video Edition Embassy | VIDEO EDITION PAVILION @The Wrong Biennale

CALL update 25.9.2023 - open until latest December 31st.

See stills of some contributions. Artists will receive fast response of selection status after submission.

This is a call by filmmaker/curator Ebba Jahn for the collaborative work VIDEO EDITION EMBASSY which will publicly grow within VIDEO EDITION PAVILION, once it's opened on Nov 1. From now on and during The Wrong Biennale in 2023 I'm collecting artistic, digital, interesting, experimental, beautiful, abstract, video art, moving images (Bewegtbilder) and unpeopled sceneries. 

a) I'll assemble them into short sequences as they arrive, and present them first in their SILENT SHOWCASE of VIDEO EDITION PAVILION so they can be seen and chosen by professional improvising musicians from around the Pavilion to make the sound or music for them. This showcase will grow until submission end Dec 31.

b) From Jan 1st I will edit these silent moving video images into hopefully about 70 min. of VIDEO EDITION EMBASSY which shall have two versions:

1) a SILENT version for live screenings with Echtzeit musicians at confirmed embassies in 2024:
_Germany, Berlin, Lehderstr74-79,
Kühlspot January 27_19:30 h
_45. Duisburger Akzente, Duisburg-Ruhrort, Germany March 1-24, 2024.
I'm all open for more dates!

2) and a sound version for its independent screenings without live musicians - a strong and interesting Edition for film festivals, art channels, and art spaces to make and show later.

All selected clip contributions will be exhibited in short form in II Showcase of this PAVILION after the opening Nov 1st of The Wrong Biennale.

Call for: free silent artistic video images
Length: 15-120 seconds
Formats: HD, 1920x1080 px, h.264, mpeg4, mov; with other formats we'll see.
Send to: EbbaJahn@aol.com via www.wetransfer.com or any other transfer, or send a viewing link first.
Credits: write your title & credits into the transfer mail please. Credit infos will appear on the playlist, under the vimeo screen, and at the end of the finished VIDEO EDITION EMBASSY with a recognizable image of your contribution
Deal: You keep the rights of yours, I just need the right to use yours in the Edition and to show the Edition anywhere, any time. It's a no budget / no fee endeavour; unexpected funds go into the video's distribution only. You will be able to follow the video on its own blog post. By sending some video, you and I agree on these basics. This project is in harmony with all terms of


Improvising musicians may ask already for the SILENT Showcase password.
Questions you might have about VIDEO EDITION EMBASSY or VIDEO EDITION PAVILION feel free to ask EbbaJahn@aol.com. Looking forward! 

See stills of first contributions